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The key to a successful relationship is compatibility before commitment, and before you get very clear about what it is that you desire in your next relationship, you are likely to fall into the same pattern of your past failed ones.

Can you trust that there is a purpose to all these traumatic events in your life?

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" That's your subconscious mind taking matters into its own hands. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the hardest questions and ultimately was your ex your ideal partner?It's time to sit down and have a chat with the vampire inside you. Do you really want a boyfriend who bakes himself to sleep every night after work?Ask yourself: what do you want to see unfold in your life? Do you really want a girlfriend who can't stand you spending some quality time with your best friends?There you will find a stillness that has long been forgotten. If you're wondering what went wrong, now is the time for some reflection.Very often, we tend to side-step a series of red flags in a relationship out of a strong desire for it to work out.

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