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I had to come up with other activities like fishing, biking, hiking, a trip to the gym, bowling, theatre, concerts, baseball games, football games...

AND they would add these activities I thought up and included them on their profiles...

It even makes me angry when I really think about it.

Isn't a profile supposed to give you some insight into who a person is?

You have to look at it from the perspective of the person you are with, not only your own.^ great insites! Ok, seriously :)Here is the best example : Men see the color BLUEWomen see the color Light blue, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue ect Men see a new born as tiny and unemployed Women see a gift from God Men see a 1960s Cheville and think, " I would give me left nut for that car"Woman see a 1960s Cheville and think " does that have auto windows? It even makes me angry when I really think about it.

It's all about perceptions and how you interpret meanings and context. ***Give me the Carmen Electra strip tease workout any day! Isn't a profile supposed to give you some insight into who a person is?

Then he said to me, "they don't say "tall, dark and handsome" for a reason. I could tell you about my dates from the third circle of Hell. I think that it is a sad thing if you don't at least try to represent yourself as accurately as possibly.

Most of the males I have come up on usually just sat on the couch , wanted to hang out and watched DVD'S.My boyfriend is shorter than I, but I never gave it much thought. he had no idea and still doesn't as to what he actually wants from someone, and saying u want something long term then changing your mind several times, is very misleading, and your are right, what is the point of lying about who u are, the trouble is i hate to inform everyone on here, that there is only a small minority who are actually genuine, the rest of the people are just messing around.When we first began dating and referred to being short, I was a bit taken aback. its very cruel and unfair i know.a lot do not divulge that they are married and are simply looking for an affair, i actually think its pretty bad for someone to be doing that and also very predatory.i have decided that i have had enough of dating sites, if anything id like to meet someone in an ordinary situation, if it happens it does and if not well such is life.We went out a few times, and I was really getting to like this guy. I had told him early on, when he asked what I thought of his profile, that I thought he had written who he really wanted to be, but wasn't there yet.(He was divorced two years ago and still bitter, had become extremely involved in the church, and was trying to become a better person.)Finally one night we were talking online and I mentioned something from my past, and he said something about maybe he shouldn't be talking to me.

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