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The more attention you pay to your orgasm, the more likely it is to arrive.

So concentrate on gauging your partner's response to each move instead—did she "oooh" or "ehh"?

Begin your wooing when she's unattainable—you're both at work; she's stuck in traffic; her father just asked you to pass the salt.

Whether it's an email or text, or just a smile, the important thing is that it builds the romantic tension.

This depends on how you ask her to come home with you. " is too stark a transition, because it suggests the party's ending.

Instead, try "I've got a bottle of wine in the fridge at home—could we carry on this conversation back there?

"For women, a combination of boldness and tenderness is crucial." Awaken All Her Senses Nearly 30 percent of the men we surveyed wish they were better—and quicker—at seducing women.

If you're sitting, keep an open position—legs apart, head up, chest out, back straight.

"I know whether I'm attracted to you, so I don't need a pickup line," says Sara, a 28-year-old bartender in South Africa.

"Just introduce yourself."Craft an Invitation that Works "A woman who's dressed to thrill is less likely to go home with you," says Emily Dubberley, a British sex expert and the author of Instead, go for the woman in the background.

If you're standing, position your shoulders toward her while turning your head toward your conversational partner.

Mirror her actions to signal your attention—when she drinks, you drink. If you see that you and she are moving in tandem, to a beat, then it's time to make your move.

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