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Several of the men told the actor the reason for their leaving, but others claimed to be married or to simply be using the bathroom.

Understandably, taking an immediate stance against the men in this video may seem unfair as they are simply “responding to human nature.” They thought they were getting one thing and another showed up, anybody would be mad- regardless of gender.

We are a different kind of Eastern Europe dating agency. You can work this out by asking many questions about her personality e.

On the other hand the Russian woman of your dreams will marry you far more readily as this may well be the only way for you to be together because of the visa constrains.

For this reason, Simple Pickup reversed the experiment with a male actor now in the fat suit. At first sight, they seem cautious of the actor as he did not match his profile, but they stayed long enough to get to know him.

Several of them made plans for another date and one woman enjoyed the date enough to end it with a kiss. Most men that I have discussed this issue with assumed that I would take the fist-in-the-air-feminist position and criticize men for being a long list of names that are likely not appropriate for this website.

It’s the same concept that leads to cyber-bullying and online hate.

In this experiment, the men who showed up were surprised to find that the actor used was wearing a fat suit. Most of the men confronted the actor about the difference between her online profile and real appearance, with some going as far to call her fat or ask if she was pregnant.

To avoid that image, I will refer to myself as something we can all relate to: human.

Somewhere behind all of the screens and technology, we have forgotten the one thing that truly binds us all together; our vulnerable and real humanity.

Even if these men were horribly offended, why did they need to verbally insult her? Comments like those feed the diet and cosmetic industry.

Comments like those feed self-hate and help form eating disorders.

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