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At that time the videos were shot using Standard Definition so the quality is lower than the recent videos in the other sections which are shot using High Definition.

This 25-minute documentary was made in 2007 (and online dating has progressed quite a bit in the last 7 years).

The psychology of online dating - a Queens University professor who has done a research project and written a book about it. The process of Online dating - two women's experience in online dating.

This was the base for the social experiment conducted and filmed by You Tube Channel “Simple Pickup.” In this experiment, they took a young, attractive woman and had her set up an account on the popular dating app “Tinder.” This app is used for people to find local singles with similar interests using information from the user’s Facebook page.

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With this kind of insecurity already present, comments like “fat” or asking if she is pregnant are going to have a severe negative effect.

Several of the men told the actor the reason for their leaving, but others claimed to be married or to simply be using the bathroom.

Understandably, taking an immediate stance against the men in this video may seem unfair as they are simply “responding to human nature.” They thought they were getting one thing and another showed up, anybody would be mad- regardless of gender.

However, there is something to be learned from being polite and at least trying to get to know somebody.

Once the initial idea of the man in the profile was forgotten, the women were able to connect with the male actor.

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