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What if the invasions of privacy that occur within the family are helping to train the next generation to expect the same from larger social entities?I called Kevin Haggerty, a criminologist at the University of Alberta, to learn about “surveillance creep,” the gradual expansion of the zone of scrutiny.Total transparency fosters a creepy combination of slyness and boundarilessness.An overwatched child may acquire a knack for sneaking around.an online debate about parental espionage a few weeks ago, 82 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that parents “should be able to observe the full data feeds of what their children post and receive via Facebook, text, email, and any other application or service used on their devices.It is a parent’s right to ‘violate’ their child’s notion of ‘privacy.’” When a media researcher interviewed 21 parents in three Canadian cities in 2011, only three said that they had faith in their children and that they found such hypervigilance “harmful.”I don’t think of myself as lacking vigilance.

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But think of how easily our children accept others’ compilations of their personal data.

I’ve refused to set up the Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming with strangers and turned on the anti-pornograpic Safe Search feature on Google. In a moment of laxness I’m not as ashamed of as I probably should be, I let my son open a Gmail account without demanding his password.

I’m declining to investigate whether he may secretly have a Facebook page.

“Kids ran free and returned at dinnertime, and parents didn’t worry so much.

But today, parents are under more pressure than ever. Fi LIP has a simple mission—to help kids be kids again, while giving parents an amazing new window into their children’s lives.” Right.

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