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It wasn’t premeditated and it wasn’t meant to shock or insult. “But what I refuse to buy into is the American thing of ‘everything is great’.I do not adhere to that and I struggle with our country’s adherence to the philosophy that you can’t say things because you’ll rock the boat.She’s celebrating with a national tour and a retrospective album featuring the high points from her solo career.Revisiting her back catalogue has been akin to working on her memoir, she says.Widely applauded, the speech seemed to carve out a new role for Tina in public life, transforming her from an ex-child star to … an elder stateswoman,” Tina says, finishing my sentence.I quickly protest that I wouldn’t have chosen that word.Moving upstairs to the bohemian loft, she arranges herself with unaffected grace on an armchair and instantly starts talking about her teenage son.“You never have any idea when you have your first child,” she says.

I caught up with Arena to chat about returning to her pop roots, the loneliness of stardom and her hidden talent. So it’s going to be really interesting to see how the people gauge that after many years of doing really favoured and very well-known songs, and very well-loved songs. because there is no money in records at all, so we have to make a living as well. It’s the type of show that you get dressed up with your friends and just have a great night out. The shows will be very physical and it is all about pacing myself. The obvious change is how the internet affects how we consume music. I’d never be able to fulfil all my commitments without him helping with the organised chaos. When you’re so young, unless you’ve got a monstrous IQ, do you really know what you want to do?It was something that felt very natural for me, to be able to perform and have that expression.” It’s fair to say Tina likes to talk, offering her opinions and philosophy with a disarming frankness.“Who decides in radio that a woman at a certain point in her life no longer becomes viable?” she asked, before exhorting female artists to choose for themselves when it’s time to stop.

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