Who is soko dating

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The duo is reportedly dating after being spotted together on several occasions and most recently, holding hands and kissing while taking a walk in Paris (in coordinating leather jackets, no less).

While neither the actress or musician have publicly confirmed the relationship, So Ko has hinted at the romance on both her Instagram and Twitter.

An inside source dished to the tabloid, “Kristen has always wanted baby, but it was Soko’s idea for them to take the leap and start the process.

They are so excited for this new chapter in their lives.” Life & Style’s insider goes on to say that Soko and Kristen Stewart are taking the adoption very seriously, and are already looking into taking parenting classes together.

Yes, she's gotten some dates out of flirty DMs, (not with reported girlfriend, Kristen Stewart though), but for the most part she doesn't interact. ” Like, weird things that came with a lot of pictures, too. ” My inbox was flooded within the next few hours with pictures and messages like, “Send me a pic of your tits back! I think I got like a thousand more followers that night.

One night she decided to flip the script and took screen shots of her favorite, x-rated DMs, which she has compiled with magazine for publication. What was the impetus for compiling your most intimate DMs into a zine? magazine saw the whole thing go down and they were like, “Is there enough to publish?

It’s just as real as you and I talking on the phone right now, or you and I having a coffee.

Me and Kristen went nuts working out, because we hadn’t worked out for any of the previous films. As soon as I didn’t have to be shirtless anymore, my good diet habits were gone immediately.

“Three nights in, I went out and met a girl who was like ‘Hey, I like your music, I work for a label and we would love to sign you.

“ Stewart and So Ko, whose real name is Stéphanie Sokolinski, have yet to publicly confirm their romance.

So Ko, however, has hinted at the relationship, telling W Magzine that she is not seeking out dates on Instagram right now.

I don’t really read my Instagram DMs that often, but one night I decided to. ” And I was like, ' Dude, there are literally hundreds. Actually, It’s happened a couple of times, and it was great. Except I didn’t know that this one girl was that young and it really tripped me out. But then it turned out she was like ten years younger, so it was a bit disturbing. If you were to DM someone about going on a date, how would you phrase it? I think if I was in the need of doing that right now, I would totally be able to come up with something.

We then sorted them by theme - like ass pictures, tits pictures, awkward pictures, people with my name written on their ass, etc. When people are behind their phones, they don’t think that they can be seen. Whether you’re an a------ in real life or an a------ via direct message on Instagram, or a pervert, it still means something and defines your character. You couldn’t be free with your sexuality and say that you like it. If you find one partner who you love having sex with, it’s the best! But I’m very, very, very in love and very happy in a relationship, so I don’t have that urge.

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