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So, he went there, he tried to do it and failed, came back, went to school, started his Latin studies, etc.Maybe it might be a good idea to just review a little bit about Ignatius Loyola.It calls it - the last 30 years of war is all attributable to the Jesuits, their massacres of the Serbs and Jews, etc.But Edmond Paris did not understand that the Jesuit General - and this is one of the most important points I want to make about Von Kolvenbach - the Jesuit General is in complete control of the international intelligence community: thats the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS.

Loyola then wanted to form an army, but when this happened with his spiritual exercises, those spiritual exercises would be basic training for all of his Jesuits. And so, he went to the Pope, and the Pope in 1540 then created the Jesuit Order. He was arrested by the Inquisition, and he was released, and he went to the Pope; he threw himself at the feet of the Pope. The Pope chartered him, and that Pope was Pius III.

So they set the leg and sent him back to his home - which, of course, he was royalty to the Counsel of Loyola in Spain, in the area of the Basques.

Loyola, through his series of desiring to regain his leg - it had healed improperly, so he made a rack where he would stretch the leg, with severe, horrible, awful pain - and trying to stretch this leg to get it back to normal shape, he endured awful, terrible pain.

Phelps: Ok, Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish soldier, and he was wounded at a battle between the French and the Spanish, and his leg was shattered.

Well, the French General, because Loyola was very brave in conflict, ordered his own doctors to attend Loyola.

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