Who is matt thiessen dating

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She says that Matt cheated on her, but doesn't give any details.

All the while, two other sleazy sounding guys repeatedly bash Matt about how terrible he is.

Answer: It's such a heart-on-your-sleeve record that there's really no getting around it. I actually wrote the whole record at this lake house outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Q: Did you start playing in bands and playing Christian music at the same time or did you have a period of playing amoral secular music before then? Back then, Matt Hoopes, the other guitar player, and I were really into Mx Px and a bunch of punk rock stuff, but a lot of the bands we liked sang about their faith and we liked that as well.

I kind of came to the conclusion that I have to expose myself a little bit on this one. So we wanted to be a positive band and we've always pursued that route of writing songs that edify people and try to build them up, at the same time pointing up the ugliness of life but not necessarily in an ugly way.

Eventually, Matt and Kelly's engagement ended, as she admitted that she still had feelings for Dylan.

She insists that he surrogate-fathered Juliane Durning's child and, at the end, he chooses to return to New York City to be with his daughter.

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While under the influence of LSD at a party, Matt slept with another girl, causing a further distancing between him and Kelly as he hid the truth from her until the final episode.Recently, they got engaged, but soon after broke up after Matt apparently cheated on her.The problem is, there is so little confirmation out there as to whether this is true.“I don’t know anybody who could sit there and watch their girlfriend kiss another man,” Green once said of watching her kissing scenes.I've followed Relient K around ever since they started as a band.

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