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Might use a kind of pity as one of their tools, trying to impose a negative self-image on the non-normative characters.For example, portraying same-gender sexual desires as a punishment imposed on someone due to a sin they are presumed by the character to have committed.Subverted when the character thought to be a hetronormative crusader's actions are misunderstood, for example the parent who disproves strongly and consistently of a gay relationship for her son because she is concerned about his boyfriend's criminal record, not his gender.In modern fiction, characters crusading against on homosexuality and sadomasochism are more and more often played for laughs or as a way of highlighting how unsympathetic the antagonist is.Teams that go under the cap gain a ,328,000 room exception but lose their MLE, BAE and any trade exceptions.Hard-capped teams can spend the taxpayer mid-level exception of ,192,000 but not the full MLE or BAE.In some cases, mostly older works of fiction, non-heterosexual characters are sometimes shown as accusing heterosexuals of being gay as a way to paint the homosexual as implicitly believing that homosexuality is wrong and to have given his blessing to the practice of criticizing the sexuality of others (the argument being that one doesn't accuse someone of something that isn't wrong, and that it would be hypocrisy for a gay person to call another gay).

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Almost all of the players belonged to an NFL roster at the time of the incident.

This is both Truth in Television and Truth in Television Inverted in that, just like active heterosexuals, some people who are celibate, homosexual, or bisexual are satisfied and make good choices, while others make bad choices and/or are not satisfied.

Ranging from miss-understanding and unwelcome advice up to the extremes of bigotry or even physical violence in their efforts to help or convert people into engaging in heterosexual sexual activities, characters cast in the role of Heteronormative Crusader are - ironically - a diverse lot.

The database was conceived and created by sports writer Brent Schrotenboer, who can be reached at [email protected]

This is a character who believes that non-heterosexually active individuals are bad or 'unnatural' and thus portray as unsatisfied, incomplete, or immoral any adult character who chooses an alternative lifestyle.

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