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Constance Marie is mainly recognized for her appetences in the “George Lopez” series and the most recent “Switched at Birth”.

She also appeared in “Selena” (1997), where she played Marcela Quintanilla, the mother of the titled character.

She appeared all over the place and has credits on “Spin City”, “Two Guys and a Girl”, “Ally Mc Beal”, “That 70s Show”, “CSI” and “Law & Order: True Crime”.

But her most memorable roles came with the portrayal of Angie Lopez in “George Lopez” which she played for the entire length of the show from 2002 to 2007.

Constance Marie is an American born actress, mostly known for her appearances on television.

She also had a few memorable roles on the big screen as well, but TV will mainly define her career on the long run.

Constance actually started with her career at a very young age.

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They even have a child together, a daughter named Luna Marie who was born in 2009.

Constance Marie was married but has recently divorced from her long term husband.

She was in a relationship with Kent Katich, who was her yoga instructor at first and it is how the couple met and got together.

Her latest role was in the ABC Family/Freeform drama “Switched at Birth” where she played the mother of one of the girls on the show for the period form 2011 till the series end in 2017.

Constance Marie is now consider a veteran of the game and has already made a big name for herself.

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