What is the purpose of dating

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Here are 10 tips to creating healthy dating relationships: Finding a new love and ditching your friends is the biggest mistake people make.

It’s so easy at the beginning of a relationship to get lost in the giddy infatuation you’re both feeling.

There will be plenty of dating opportunities throughout your life, and it might save a broken heart or two to gradually ease into a dating relationship when you’re ready. Disagreements, tension and fights are normal as you become close with someone.

If it gets hard, try working through your problems and/or seeing an on-campus counselor to help mediate.

If you post your romantic life online, be prepared for both positive and negative outcomes. Most of us know how to say yes when someone we like asks us out. How do I turn down someone I’m just not interested in? It’s easy to lose sleep over the multitude of nagging questions that arise in the pursuit of romance.The answer may not always be obvious, but love is worth the time and intention it takes to get it right.Broadcasting the state of your relationship on social networking sites is a relatively new phenomenon, and because of that there aren’t really any accepted rules or guidelines.The easiest way to deal with this is to change your status when both people agree to do so.

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