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They wouldn’t even see the need to speak ill of foreign women if they weren’t afraid that their beloved boyfriends and husbands might wake up one day and realize that they made a terrible mistake.

Their own insecurities force them to defend themselves by belittling others.

Words can’t describe the positive emotions that I felt when I first heard this.

Words also can’t describe the shocked faces that I gazed upon, when I told them about the “family values” of some Western women.

With eyes like daggers she signals to every beautiful girl who dares to make the slightest glance in her boyfriends direction that she will rip her eyes out should she venture any closer.

Even though I have met only one terribly obese American woman who was naïve enough to ask me why it is so hard for her to date in Bangkok, 99% of Western women know that they are inferior to most non-western women.

We all know that the best defense is a strong offense.

One really interesting fact that you will observe when you are in a country like Thailand is that Western women are aware that men prefer friendly, supportive and feminine women when given the choice.If Western women didn’t understand that the majority of men would choose an agreeable, feminine foreign woman over a grumpy, obese, masculine Western woman, they wouldn’t shame foreign girls at every opportunity; it’s really that simple.Why do you think Western women tend to argue that all foreign women are prostitutes, gold diggers and mail order brides?I saw it as a man with an open heart and an unbiased mind; as a man who was ready for the truth. While the metaphorical dating grass is dry and withered in the West, it is juicy and green on the other side of the world.The truth that I discovered is not something that the Western media and society wants you to know… It must be because of the cultural fertilizer that either helps women to shine in their own femininity, or that transforms them into men.

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