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The Column # Name Data Type Size ---------------------------------------------- 1 Customer ID ft String 10 2 Customer Name ft String 30 3 Contact Name ft String 30 4 Phone ft String 10 5 Fax ft String 10 6 EMail ft String 30 7 Last Sale Date ft Date 0 8 Notes ft Memo 0 Index Name Columns In Index Options ---------------------------------------------- Primary_Key Customer ID ix Primarybegin with My EDBData Set do begin Append; Field By Name(' Customer ID').

As String:='100'; Field By Name(' Customer Name').

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The EEDBError object descends from the EDatabase Error object.begin try with My EDBData Set do begin Append; Field By Name(' Customer ID').With the optimistic locking protocol a row lock is not obtained until the Post method is called, and never obtained if the Cancel method is called.This means that another user or session is capable of editing the row and posting the changes to the row before the Post method is called, thus potentially causing an EEDBError exception to be raised with the error code 1007 (EDB_ERROR_ROWDELETED), or even error code 1008 (EDB_ERROR_ROWMODIFIED) if row change detection is turned on for the current session via the TEDBSession Record Change Detection property.It is also possible that the row that you are attempting to edit (or post) has been deleted by another session since it was last cached by Elevate DB.If this is the case then a Elevate DB exception will be raised with the error code 1007 (EDB_ERROR_ROWDELETED).

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