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The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Lu Parker, a KTLA-TV reporter and anchor in Los Angeles and a former Miss U. A, has been dating Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa since March 2009.

Parker anchored a newscast Sunday during which she announced Villaraigosa's prospects of running for governor in 2010.

As a rising star in the labor movement, Antonio Villaraigosa became a familiar face to the city’s elected officials.

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An extra-marital affair early in his political career threatened to scuttle his support among key LA Democrats, but he remained married to Corina Raigosa (his name is a blend of hers and his family last name, Villar) until the news broke in 2007, while he was mayor, about an affair with TV reporter Mirthala Salinas, who had covered Villaraigosa for Telemundo.Villaraigosa didn't talk about who she is or how they met.At the Town Hall event at downtown's City Club, Villaraigosa didn't discourage speculation that he is running for governor and just waiting for the right time to make it official. He has been traveling the state on talking tours and having stories done about him testing the political waters.Longoria explains that her political involvement has set the rumor mill abuzz.Not only was the actress heavily involved in President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, but she even spoke at the Democratic National Convention, which she called "the most important speech" she has ever made.

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