Validity and accuracy of carbon dating

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At the famous medical school of Cos (fifth century b.c.) Hippocrates, and later Aristotle, laid the foundations of the scientific method. 77-74985 isbn 0-394-41055-6 0-394-73302^-9 (pbk.) Photographs are by Enzo Ragazzini Manufactured in the United States of America First American Edition The Tirillus 59 Tirillus oniricus 62 Tirillus mimeticus 64 Tirillus parasiticus 67 Tirillus odoratus 68 Tirillus silvador 70 The Woodland Tweezers 73 The Tubolara 78 The Camporana 80 The Protorbis 86 The Labirintiana 95 The Artisia 100 The Germinants 112 The Stranglers 117 The Giraluna 119 Giraluna gigas 134 Giraluna minor 1 43 The Solea 145 The Sigurya 162 PLATES i A garden of parallel plants ii Leaves of Antola enigmatica iii Woodland tweezers at the base of a ben tree iv Algal Lepelara v Lepelara terrestris vi Fossil Lepelara from Tiefenau vii Fossils of the bulbous tiril viii Kumode plants ix Anaclea taludensis x Tirils xi Propitiatory leaf-boat of the Okono Indians xii Parasitic tirils xiii Woodland tweezers xiv Tubolara xv Camporana xvi Camporana menorea xvii Protorbis xviii The Katachek Protorbis xix Leaf of Labirintiana labirintiana xx Artisia xxi Kaori tattoos xxii The Cadriano germinanis xxiii Strangler tirils xxiv Giraluna (closeup of avvulta at right) xxv The ebluk procession (Sumerian bas-relief) xxvi Wo'swa, the bride of Pwa'ko xxvii Giraluna minor in typical habitat xxviii Casts of Solea xxix Tips of Solea xxx The great Stone of Ta xxxi Sigurya barbulata xxxii Sigurya natans In ancient times botany was part of a single science that included everything from medicine to the various skills of agriculture, and it was practiced by philosophers and barbers alike.The future seemed securely mapped out: from the small to the smaller still, and so .It was thought that at that point, paradoxically enough, would occur the sudden fusion of knowledge that would explain everything in the universe.Chemistry, physics, and genetics provided new instruments of research, while classification gave way to etiology, the study of origins.Botany, called upon to establish a logical and causal relationship between the morphological structure and the vital functions of plants by experimental methods, became a modern science.Hastily, thousands of new plants had to be named and placed within a rudimentary and inefficient system of classification.

In short," he concludes, "we ought not to speak of a vegetable kingdom, but of a vegetable anarchy." It was clear that to find a place within the Linnaean classification for plants that were possible, or at best probable, but in any case totally foreign to our known reality, would present insurmountable difficulties.

Linnaeus published his and in 1753 introduced the double nomenclature giving each plant two Latin names, one for the genus and the other for the species.

By now no fewer than 300,000 plant names compose one enormous random poem that records, commemorates, describes, exalts, and celebrates all that man has discovered of the world of plants.

PATRICK CREAGH Copyright 1977 by Leo Lionni All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Knopf, Inc., New York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. Grateful acknowledgment is made to Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., for permission to reprint one line from " Poetry" from Collected Poems of Marianne Moore. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Lionni, Leo [date] Parallel botany. In 1560 Hieronymus Bock published a volume, illustrated with woodcuts, in which he described 567 of the 6,000 species of plant then known in the Western world, including, for the first time, tubers and mushrooms.

Copyright 1935 by Marianne Moore, renewed 1963 by Marianne Moore and T. "These," he wrote, "are not grasses, or roots, or flowers, or seeds, but simply the excess of humidity that is in the soil, in trees, in rotten wood and other putrescent things.

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