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The display of errors is based on the control's Error Template, which is a red box around the control by default.That is customizable through control templates and you can easily do things like add a Tool Tip to display the error message(s).You can just implement this interface on every object you are going to bind to, but that results in a lot of repetitive code.As a result, most people encapsulate that implementation into a base class.The definition of INotify Data Error Info looks like this: The way INotify Data Error Info works is that by default the Binding will inspect the object it is bound to and see if it implements INotify Data Error Info.If it does, any time the Binding sets the bound property or gets a Property Changed notification for that property, it will query Get Errors to see if there are any validation errors for the bound property.Value constraints will force your end users to correct an error before they can move focus to a new cell.

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There is also a Prism for Windows Runtime for building Windows Store applications.Additionally you need to be able to raise Errors Changed events whenever the set of errors in that dictionary for a given property changes.Prism has a class that was introduced for the MVVM Quick Start in Prism 4 called Errors Container.You can validate the cells using Current Cell Validating event when the cell is edited. You can show the error information in row header by setting IData Error Info. Master-Details View support to validate the cells and rows using Current Cell Validating and Row Validating events.Sf Data Grid support to show the error icon in Grid Row Header Cell based on IData Error Info. You can validate the cells using Current Cell Validating event of View Definition. property since the cell content were drawn instead of loading the UIElement.

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