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The JSP compiler normally takes care of the parsing. The output of the JSP compiler is a Java program that generates an HTML page.

Normally, the embedded Java code generates dynamic values on the page. Finally, the answer to the question "What's a markup parser?

My experience is that an event-based parsing model, like SAX, can easily handle 80% to 90% of XML applications.

Either are appropriate for the next 5% to 10% of applications, and the last 5% of applications really need DOM or something similar.

The markup appears to follow some XML syntax rules, some SGML syntax rules, and some of its own, unique syntax rules. I have even run across a few Word ML documents that were not well formed! *SP represents the various Serve Page markup languages such as ASP and JSP.

It is not often that a Java developer attempts to run Java Server Pages thru an external parser.

Soon, the first SAX-based XML parsers appeared, followed by DOM (Document Object Model) parsers with standard APIs.

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Validating parsers also read the structure definition in the form of a DTD, Schema, or other format.

Notice that I have been using the term "markup language parser" instead of "XML parser" for the most part so far. There are four types of markup language in use that I know of: HTML and Doc Book are not included in the list because they are XML/SGML application-level markup languages, not markup meta languages. However, their syntax sufficiently differs from XML and SGML such that normal parsers don't handle them either.

They are included to show markup that might require a custom parser to process, and because ml Parser can handle both.

Most SGML tools validate the document every time it is used.

A common real-world view is that a document only needs to be validated in specific cases: Word ML is my name for the output from saving a Microsoft Word document as Filtered HTML.

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