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Here are eight settings that I would change first thing to make your i Phone experience a bit more pleasant: 1.Stop telling people your email is “Sent from my i Phone.”Go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then scroll down until you see Signature. In a perfect world, Apple would assign a random ringtone and new text message tone to each phone. While you can’t make these apps disappear, you can stash them away in a folder to reduce clutter on your home screen.The i Phone is a fine phone, but, like all fine phones, it’s not flawless.Many of the default settings of the i Phone can be worrisome, imperfect, or downright annoying.Apple added significant updates to i Message in i OS 10, including bubble and screen effects, emoji tapbacks and full-on emojification, Digital Touch and handwriting, and i Message apps.On your i Phone, i Message lives alongside SMS and MMS, so you can keep in touch with non-Apple friends from the same app.Before you can start using messages, and sending texts, photos, videos, voice memos, locations, and contact cards, however, you need to set it up.If you enabled i Cloud on your i Phone or i Pad, there's a chance i Message was enabled as well.

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It lets you send text, picture, video, sound, and location quickly and easily to anyone else using i Message on i Phone, i Pad, Mac, or Apple Watch.Sometimes texts are private and shouldn’t be displayed for anyone who glances at your phone to see.To change this, go to When you receive a text on your lock screen, the first few lines of the message are displayed under the recipient’s name.Settings By default, this is turned on; you’ll get a pop-up notification whenever you fill out an order form or a log-in field asking if you want to save that information.This can save time, but it also might make you a little uneasy. Settings, and then scroll down and find Safari (that’s your Web browser).

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