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Check the Better Business Bureau''s online business listings for the leasing company's name (ask the landlord if they have a relationship with the BBB). Invite some friends over for a few bottles of wine (or beer) and walk around the apartment, critiquing the hell out of it. If you have a digital camera, take pictures of every room, every blemish. When you have gathered all of this info, written and photographic, do a walk-through with the landlord and make sure that they sign off on the list. Nothing is more terrifying for a landlord than walking into an apartment and seeing that your 13 cats have made the place damn near unlivable. If you have a problem with any part of the apartment, if something breaks from normal wear and tear, the landlord is obliged to pay for it.The landlord that charged me to throw away a bicycle tire had an awful web reputation — had I known that, I might never have rented the place to begin with. Mail them print-outs of the photos and the room-by-room description (make sure to send the letter certified mail) and let them know that if they don't do the walk-through with you within two weeks of receiving the info, you will assume that they have signed off on your assessment. If they don't, and you opt to fix it yourself (I had to replace a broken toilet seat and the bathtub caulking), take a picture of the before and after, and add it to your notes, including the cost of replacing the item. If the landlord tries to bilk you later, you have more evidence of what a responsible tenant you were. Whether or not you clean the place really depends on if you already paid a non-refundable cleaning deposit.This wasn't exactly a swanky neighborhood in which tire disposal services run at a premium.

The useful life of carpeting is generally considered to be seven years.

if there is vague or little move-out items for security deposit, have the landlord stipulate in writing what normal wear means, etc.

definitely do a check-in inspection sheet as posted.

When I left, I somehow managed to forget a bicycle tire on my balcony, a spare tire that I had been meaning to patch.

The balcony was so moldy and terrifying that I rarely stepped out on to it, and simply forgot that the tire was there. And that's ON TOP OF the non-refundable cleaning service.

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