Updating processor

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Furthermore, instead of executing x86 instructions directly, modern x86 processors contain internal code that implements support for the x86 instruction set. Microcode can be updated to fix or mitigate CPU bugs. For example, Firefox 57 and later is known to occasionally crash on Broadwell-U CPUs with old microcode in a manner not seen with newer Broadwell-U microcode versions.

Microcode updates can be loaded onto the CPU by firmware (usually called BIOS even on computers that technically have UEFI firmware instead of old-style BIOS) or by the operating system.

Microcode updates do not persist across reboot, so in the case of a dual-boot system, if the microcode update isn't delivered via BIOS, both operating systems have to provide the update.

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Id like some help cause im honestly stumped, im still quite a novice to changing parts.These are relevant in identifying if a particular CPU bug may be relevant to the CPU in your computer.The line labeled "Update Revision" shows the current microcode revision (for the particular microarchitecture) with zeros on both sides.Open the Start Menu, right-click "Computer" and then select "Properties" to open the System menu.Click "Device Manager," which is located on the left toolbar of the System window.

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