Update statement in ms access jdbc not updating the row dating in your late thirties

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The Source table identifies the potential records that will be inserted or updated in the Target table.The ON clause identifies how to join the Target and Source tables.The Source table is used to identify the rows that needed be inserted or update, and the Target table is the table that rows will be inserted or updated.In order to demo the MERGE statement I will need a Source and Target table, which will be used in my MERGE example.

After the MERGE statement ran, the “Magic Stripper” product now has a Qty of 10.

When this condition is met based on the Source and Target table join operation the Source row will be inserted into the Product table.

This condition allows me to insert a new row into the Product table when new Product Name’s are found in the Source table.

This is the table that I will be updating or inserting rows using the MERGE statement.

The other table, New Inventory, is the Source table.

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