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Because of the 8 years, I have been going to Ukraine I know quite a lot about how to date women there.

I can help you understand what it is they need what they expect in a man.

Women are women not all want a serious relationship but they like to date and have a good time.

A western man has a big edge over Eastern European men.

But the bad part is now you are on your own in a foreign country where most do not speak English.

Or even worse you are left with some dating agency in Ukraine or Russia that sees you as an ATM machine. It is a beautiful girl like this one to the right, a professional dater.

Or is it reasonable to expect further visits, considering it can take several visits to her country before a lady feels comfortable & acquainted enough to commit to a proposal / future together.

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Some cities are better if you want to meet and date several girls.They would treat you as though you were from Ukraine what else could they know.With me at least I have been on both sides, of course, I know American women.So why do so many men do this all backward when they travel to Ukraine and Russia?I am sure it is because of the lies the online dating companies tell them.

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