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In remaining true to her distinct voice, she has been at the forefront of a generation of women who are changing the landscape of the film and television industry... Shannon Purser Comes Out which queer fans accused of queerbaiting because they teased audiences with a kiss between Betty and Veronica, then promptly eliminated the chances of those two ever getting together. When outraged LGBTQ audiences came at Shannon on Twitter, Shannon responded by The lesbian star of Bravo’s Workout has been charged with felony assault on a police officer, misdemeanor DUI and misdemeanor hit-and-run based on her February arrest. I reached out to the DA's office weeks ago and was assured that deputies would review our reports before filing charges. And beyond judging my mothering, I wish the discussion could be about people spending time in prison whose lives have completely been wrecked because of possession.” Go Melissa.

When I first met her, on the set of Carol, I was floored by her buoyancy, her irreverence, her left-field sense of humor and her devotion to her craft. She brings with her, in work as in life, the sense that anything is possible. We are extremely disappointed that the DA's office filed these charges without reviewing our evidence, as promised." Warner hit a pole, blew a .08, and backed her car into a police vehicle. Marijuana may be illegal in most states, but it causes 99% less death, violence, and destruction than legal vices alcohol and cigarettes.

Okoye grins and replies, “I know.” This makes sense because in the comic books, Ayo and Aneka fall in love with one another before leading a feminist uprising.

However, shortly after Variety published this observation, Marvel reached out and stated “The nature of the relationship between Danai Gurira’s Okoye and Florence Kasumba’s Ayo in Black Panther is not a romantic one.” Let’s clarify: Marvel took two canon queer female characters and removed their romance from the film, thus rendering them effectively straight. I guess Marvel is dedicated to the sanctity of original comics, except when it comes to a lesbian character. It’s rare that a comic book character is gay, much less a lesbian, and it’s vastly disappointing that Marvel would GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to remove lesbian representation from a major Hollywood film. Think about it: how many times have you heard a straight character can’t be LGBTQ for a movie or TV show because “it’s not true to the original story” or “that’s just not who they are.” Yet Marvel has no problem with making a lesbian character straight.

The author recently tied the knot with girlfriend Jennifer Conlon in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas according to a report from E! Moving on: Amber Portwood split with fiance Matt Baier earlier this year but he married just months later in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas according to a report from E!

News, as they are pictured together in April 2015He revealed to E!

There aren’t many details of her character’s importance in the new Season, but it has been revealed that Season 5 will occur “in real-time over the course of three days” following Poussey’s very "lesbian trope" death. It was a decision, it’s not something I do a lot at all—hardly!

Sarah Paulson One Of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of Paulson for the magazine, “When someone is as unique and unboxable as Sarah Paulson, it takes time for creative spaces to open up that are large and porous enough to hold the depth and complexity of her talent. Hilary Rosen is the former head of the Recording Industry Association of America, former columnist for The Washington Post, former HRC Lobbyist, and former political director of Huffington Post. Probably napping, what with all that work and bedding Jane Lynch. Jackie’s lawyer told TMZ, "We have letters and reports from Jackie's doctors which prove a long history of insomnia and which strongly support our contention that Jackie was driving unconscious after taking Ambien, which had been prescribed to her. Melissa Etheridge Smokes Weed With Her Kids And That’s Just Fine with her adult children. I want people to understand that this is not ‘Hey kids, let’s go get high! It was an experience that was kind of family and sacred. having the whole world kind of judge it off of one sentence, it breaks my heart a little bit.

We have front line people, okay, and I’m talking marines, trans guys, marines on the front line fighting for our country.

Okoye eyes Ayo flirtatiously for a long time as the camera pans in on them.

Eventually, she says, appreciatively and appraisingly, “You look good.” Ayo responds in kind.

Anything.” And that's something we like to hear! Anyone who drinks with their children has no place to judge Melissa for smoking up with her adult kids.

Jane Lynch Slept With Hilary Rosen with out journalist Mary Emily O’Hara for NBC News, O’Hara asked, “Who is the most famous woman you've ever slept with? I'm the most famous woman I've ever slept with. Marvel Straight-Washes Queer Female Character noted that “We see Gurira’s Okoye and Kasumba’s Ayo swaying rhythmically back in formation with the rest of their team.

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