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We have been assisted in this work from the beginning by a committee of the American Anthropological Association and the Geological Society of America, consisting of Frederick Johnson, chairman, Donald Collier, Richard Foster Flint, and Froelich Rainey.This committee advised us what samples of known age to use for testing and greatly assisted us in procuring them.

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The measurement technique consisted in the combustion of about 1 ounce of wood, the collection of the carbon dioxide, its reduction to elementary carbon with hot magnesium metal, and the measurement of 8 grams of this carbon spread uniformly over the 400-square-centimeter surface of the sample cylinder in a screen wall counter percent of the unshielded background, by the use of 4 inches of iron inside 2 inches of lead shielding, plus 11 anticoincidence counters 2 inches in diameter and 18 inches long, placed symmetrically around the working screen wall counter inside the shielding. Smiley, of the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. This sample was measured with considerable care and with our most sensitive instrument. The errors quoted for the specific activity measurements are standard deviations as computed from the Poisson statistics of counting random events.

The screen wall counter had a sensitive portion 8 inches in length, so the long anticoincidence shielding counters afforded considerable protection on the ends. The data obtained are presented in Table 1 and Fig. It was a sample of Douglas fir excavated by Morris in the Red Rock Valley in 1931, the exact location being Room 6 of the Broken Flute Cave. One of the six average values, and seven of the 17 individual runs, differ by more than one standard deviation unit from the predicted value.

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