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This is the highest assembly of Samoa, there is no other before it or after it.“I’m not saying this out of high-mindedness but if there is an assembly that should be obeyed by a person, it is this one."I strongly condemn the terror attack on our Army camp in Jammu in which 6 Indians have been martyred.All Indians, across political lines, stand united with our Army men and women.Tuilaepa added that their refusal is “a contempt of the dignity of Parliament” and he called on the Speaker of Parliament for the matter to be dealt with immediately. Speaker and the Chairmen of Parliament Committees that the power is in your hands to summon anyone required by any Committee of Parliament,” Tuilaepa said. Even I as the leader of the government and Cabinet Ministers always respond when we are called by a Committee.We come, we wait outside the meeting room until the Committee calls us in.” Tuilaepa said they do this because they respect the authority vested in each organ of democratic Samoa.“When it comes to decisions of the Land and Titles Court, they are a collective outcome of a panel after an investigation.It means it is not the opinion of one person but rather it is the opinion of a majority.” The response also highlighted the procedures that were already in place for members of the public to seek redress.

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“This is the beginning of a new year and therefore we must have new attitudes and new mindsets on how to conduct our work,” he said.

“In terms of Court procedures, if a party is not satisfied with a ruling by the Land and Titles Court, they can appeal a decision in accordance with the law,” the response says.

“If a party is still not satisfied with the outcome, the Judicial Review of the Supreme Court provides another opportunity.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured," Rahul Gandhi said on Twitter.

The staff of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, including Judges and lawyers, gathered at Mulinu’u to commit 2018 to the Lord yesterday.

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