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Singletons are usually the biggest casualty on February 14, but even those of us in relationships can be left feeling bitterly disappointed when the roses (or in my case sunflowers) get delivered to the desk next door. It was while I was dating every toad in town – which you can read about in my book Getting Naked: The Dating Game – that I had a lightbulb moment: Love doesn’t come from another person. Why, oh why do so many of us subscribe to this volatile day? The thing is, we don’t need to be in a relationship with someone else to experience that unconditional love. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t just want to give and receive love and experience all those warm, fuzzy feelings that go with being in a happy-ever-after relationship.The only place you’ll find love is within yourself.

This was done every night before the first day of May.Rules between girls and guys, guys and guys or girls and girls got mixed up.After reading Merceica’s first book The Upside of Down, I immediately plunged into her second book Getting Naked: The Dating Game.Ask yourself: What does this person have that I’d like?And then take steps to create that thing for yourself, using that person’s success as inspiration, not a source of frustration or jealousy.

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