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It’s hard to pick a favourite football team as I’d upset a lot of friends if I picked one they’re against so to stay in their good books; I’ll choose Rugby as it’s a bit more exciting having men tackle each other. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? It’s hard to choose my favourite type out of so many, sushi is amazing! My all time favourite meal would have to be a roast though, I’m a traditional girl. Paddy, who has made 'no likey, no lighty' his catchphrase, describes the ITV Saturday night show as a 'guilty pleasure'.

He was back on TV tonight for the first time since The Sun revealed pictures of him on a night out with All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.

An heiress has got to be Katie Piper, she sees the beauty in everything and I just think what Katie is doing is just amazing.

Making up your own positions by accident always turns out a winner. Biggest turn on has to be strength; there’s nothing worse than a guy who can’t pick you up. Have you ever had group sex (threesome, foursome, etc)?

If there is more than one woman wanting to date the suitor it is understood he will select his preference.

Even Paddy's Sunday football team are hooked on the programme.

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