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We invite families to individualize these story templates with your own photos or pictures to help your child know what to expect and how to act in a variety of everyday situations!Customize these personalized story templates with your own pictures to help your child know what to expect in various situations!Community social stories Social stories that help going out in the community, doing field trips, going to a restaurant, museum and more. One Place for Special Needs created its own social and sequential processing stories for families.Let us know if there is a social story you would like to see and we'll try to make it.For more information about the documentary, visit the Independent Lens website.Autism Speaks is proud to partner with the University of Washington READI Lab (Research in Early Autism Detection and Intervention) to provide a series of personalized Power Point templates that parents and therapists can customize to explain social situations to children with autism.Dentist visit social stories Here are social stories on what to expect at the dentist office.Visit our fear of dentist resources for many great articles on preparing for the visit and videos showing what to expect.

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Also see our link to explaining death for more resources on the concept of death, when your pet dies and what to expect at a wake and funeral.Holiday social stories Here are social stories for Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holidays.Hygiene social stories Social and sequential processing stories on brushing teeth, washing hands and other hygiene skills.Go to our EEG test resource page for videos and other resources on the EEG test.Getting a haircut social stories These are videos showing the steps for getting a haircut.

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