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How much of what you read in this chart is true of your own sexual relationship with your spouse?

When we read through information like this, we are reminded of how God takes a man and woman with such different needs and uses those differences to complement each other—to create a "one flesh" relationship.

They get excited or at least interested quickly by visual or physical stimulation.

Most men can be ready for physical intimacy in minutes.

We believe that sex is a beautiful, God-given desire that can bring a husband and wife together in oneness.

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They are stimulated, drawn, captivated by the sight of their wife.Many wives express that they are offended because their husbands are such sexual creatures. To ignore his sexual needs, to resist his initiation of sex, or merely to tolerate his advances is to tear at the heart of his self-esteem.We encourage you to pray together about your sexual relationship.For sex to be truly satisfying to both partners, each has to risk being totally open and vulnerable to the other.Each person in the marriage should feel needed, wanted, accepted and loved sacrificially.

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