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'Gilbert the Weaver and Baldwin the Tailor' are names figuring in the list of settlers around the new abbey of Battle, and the names and trades seem to mark them down as Flemings. As early as 1331 special protection was granted to John Kemp of Flanders and any other clothworkers who wished to come over. 197 The periodical KFV-Mededellngen is published in standard Dutch.

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The Nord and Pas-de-Calais departments were parts of historic Flanders before France annexed the region in 1656. ^^'^^^'^ "^^''^'' ^ The Flemish contribution to the exploitation as well as the population of the Azores was so conspicuous, that for a long time the archipelago was referred to as the Flemish islands. It is curious that most modern writers on economics, such as Ashley and Cunningham, have assumed that the English cloth trade practically started with the introduction of Flemish weavers by Edward III. had the agent noun wealcere, but it is possible that the corresponding sense of the Teutonic verb had not survived into OE. waike is either a back formation from the agent noun or an adoption from M. Bay (1581), baize, originally a fabric of a finer and lighter texture than now, the manufacture of which was introduced into England in the 16th century by fugitives from the Netherlands and France; usually in the plural, whence the corruption Baize (1578); ad. Over the past five years or so, it has, it seems, become common for house names to be in Flemish.Louis Cruis, for example, was a Flemish engineer who led expeditions to lay down the boundaries of Brazil and the city limits of the capital, Brasilia. All public services are offered in just one language - French.The destination of the majority of Flemish emigrants was France. South Africa and The Americas .^ "*'""" """^" ^ During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, when the territory of present-day Flanders formed the setting for an impressive economic and cultural boom as well as certain internal problems, many artists and craftsmen sought refuge elsewhere. Walk (14.., 1437), to subject woollen cloth to the operation of beating or pressing in order to cause felting of the fibres and consequent thickening and shrinking; originally identical with the vb. Some terms of woollen weaving and the preparation of cloth were introduced in the modern period. bai, bale, the colour bay; also in many combs., as Bayhall (1684), a hall in Colchester, used as an exchange by traders in this commodity. This applies, in particular, to telephone bills and receipts, telephone directories, hospital signs, electricity bills, signs for post offices and police stations. Nor is it possible for service- users to use French Flemish in their contacts with the various public and semi-public bodies. At first sight, Flemish culture is defined by its West Germanic language, Dutch, as opposed to the language and culture of their mostly Francophone compatriots within Belgium. There are no inspection bodies supervising Dutch teaching at the same level as for other European languages. It is generally believed, based on historical linguistics, that the Flemings mainly descend from the invading Germanic tribes, rather than from the Gaulish tribes who lived in the same region before Roman times. However, of the six secondary schools that originally introduced classes in Flemish, only one is still offering this option.

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