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Singer tell her that her 66 was made in 1926 when my information says that the model was discontinued in 1920.As for her second machine, the No 2, the situation gets into farce. The following is the number of people who responded by state, and the number of machines by state: AK-5 persons with 14 machines, AL-10/22, AR-2/2, AZ-14/19, CA-72/118, CO-5/6, CT-6/6, DE-1/1, FL-19/37, GA-10/12, IA-12/19, ID-4/4, IL-18/24, IN-13/16, KS-7/7, KY-2/3, LA-4/4, MA-9/11, MD-13/40, ME-4/5, MI-25/28, MN-7/11, MO-8/9, MS-1/3, MT-2/10, NC-7/11, NE-6/8, NH-4/6, NJ-18/23, NM-5/15, NV-1/1, NY-22/33, OH-24/32, OK-4/78, OR-23/27, PA-20/36, SC-2/3, SD-1/1, TN-5/9, TX-24/32, UT-3/4, VA-31/54, VT-1/1, WA-32/43, WI-11/11, WY-4/6, Australia-8/9, Alberta, Canada- 3/10, British Columbia, Canada-7/10, Nova Scotia, Canada-2/6, Ontario, Canada-18/30, New Zealand-3/4, Taiwan-1/1, United Kingdom-1/1.These two machines both have build dates of 8/11/52 (along with 10 other machines on the survey).You can see that Singer obviously used a standard progression in assigning numbers.I'm going to guess that the base of the machine is shaped like the back of a fiddle and, if so, it's a Singer New Family, not a No 2. PRICES: The average price paid for a black 221 since 1990 has been 1.--------------------------- Date: Wed, -0500 From: [email protected]: Identification/dating of machines Here's the latest from Singer Consumer Affairs on 3 of my machines - any and all comments are welcome, as I am totally confused at this point ! 86 were purchased for under 0, and the most expensive was 0.According to Singer UK it is not possible to date machines to the day until after 1970 when a code was used within the serial number.

Whether it was given a designating letter I do not know. There were four different models of the featherweight the 221-1, 221K4, 221K5,and 221K7. That is the only model of FW that Singer made with the switch on the light housing, all the others have the switch on the bed of the machine.

The source is a book published by Singer in 1980 for its reps and dealers and is a photographic record "to provide an easy means of identification of sewing machines sold in the UK from 1870 to 1862" Each model is photographed and with a caption giving dates of manufacture and other details. Black machines produced in Britain from 1949 to 1955 when entire 221K production went over to the pale tourquoise. EZ was used from May '68 to April '70 and FB from April '69 to June '71.

As far as I can tell the SNs on British machines did not allow a to-the-day DOB until the 500 series started in 1973.

---------------------------- Date: 06 Mar 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: Contribution/To all I"m just a little bit excited about this. From other information in the book I should be able to pin down the date of all K machines if Singer USA do not have the UK information. " Just how faint is that letter A in the SN, Nancy?

Have just found burried deep in my archive the definitite answer to thos white/mint-green FWs. ---------------------------- Date: 07 Mar 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: Contribution re DOB of 221K " I have a pale turquoise FW (to me, it will always be mint green) with a SN of F (then a verrry faint "A") 131629. According to the records I'm using which were rescued from Kilbowie when the factory closed, the Singer Co went from EZ to FB without using FA at all.

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