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---------------------------- Date: 06 Mar 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: Contribution/To all I"m just a little bit excited about this. From other information in the book I should be able to pin down the date of all K machines if Singer USA do not have the UK information. " Just how faint is that letter A in the SN, Nancy?

Have just found burried deep in my archive the definitite answer to thos white/mint-green FWs. ---------------------------- Date: 07 Mar 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: Contribution re DOB of 221K " I have a pale turquoise FW (to me, it will always be mint green) with a SN of F (then a verrry faint "A") 131629. According to the records I'm using which were rescued from Kilbowie when the factory closed, the Singer Co went from EZ to FB without using FA at all.

The Kilbowie two-letter SN system was started in October 1935 with EA 1. Previous to '35 they used a single letter but not in alphabetical order -- or anything like it.

Sorry I could not be of more help ---------------------------- Date: 27 Mar 96 EST From: Graham Forsdyke ([email protected]) Subject: Contribution To Suzy/Becky re Singer dates.

From what I read on Fanatics the Singer Co in the USA is dating many machines to the day (allbeit with a few errors).

--------------------------- Date: Wed, -0500 From: [email protected]: Identification/dating of machines Here's the latest from Singer Consumer Affairs on 3 of my machines - any and all comments are welcome, as I am totally confused at this point ! 86 were purchased for under 0, and the most expensive was 0.

The data we get from Singer in New Jersey is more frequently incorrect for the British machines than with the American.

And there are many serial numbers, mostly the more recent FW's, that Singer is unable to give any estimate of build date on. Obviously in '55 the Black 221K was discontinued and the plant used for 222Ks with only Pale T 221Ks surviving the model change.

Just before the Russian Revolution 1917 Singer built a vast plant in Russia but after the dust settled it was taken over by the Bolsheviks. ---------------------------- Date: Sat, -0500 From: Jim Wagner ([email protected]) Subject: Different FW models Hi Fellow Fanatics, I was going to reply to Sheila via E-Mail but I thought this may be of more general interest.

Whether it was given a designating letter I do not know. There were four different models of the featherweight the 221-1, 221K4, 221K5,and 221K7. That is the only model of FW that Singer made with the switch on the light housing, all the others have the switch on the bed of the machine.

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