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You’ll see the glowing slot for your keystone immediately; use it and enter the unlocked door.

Ignore the dive pool and walk through the narrow hallway, disarming the trap along the way.

Clear the rubble for some treasure, and explore the dive pool in this room to unlock the door.

Go through and stand on the foot panel to unveil a secret door leading back out; this will make it quicker to backtrack later. Harvest the flame fruit at the bottom of the stairs.

Use it in the door on the other side of the room and go through.Swim through the tunnel and when you come out, step on the panel.Loot the chest in the room in front of you, and go back and step on the new panel; repeat the process, and go through the other unlocked door for another treasure chest. Step on the foot panel to open a door in front of you; continue going forward to find yourself back at the entrance. The next step is to ask Raffi Barakat about an ancient book, so go talk to him.Pull it onto the panel next to it, and then step on the foot panel that’s revealed. The papers you need are in the glowing chest; loot it.Then go through the newly revealed secret door for more treasure. Check out the treasure chest and step on the panel to unlock the door, then make your way out of the tomb and deliver the briefing to Sanaa Madbouli. Rainia wants four pieces of turquoise; find them on the map, collect them, and turn them in to Rainia.

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