Sim city regions not updating

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Read 9/13/14 Update below) January 8, 2013: I've heard multiple reports of the Space Center Great Work having difficulty pulling in the 300 workers required for it to function. Leave a comment if you're having the same difficulty.I don't know if it's an official bug, but if you're having the same problem, you're not alone. February 5, 2014: The developers are aware of the issue and there has been some suggestions by users that it is related to specific maps.If you have other, less common problems then let us know below and we’ll try and ask EA for a response.LATEST UPDATE: 8 March 2013 – AM If you are stuck on ‘Checking For Updates’, EA claims you can fix the issue by deleting your Sim City user data.After that, put Origin in offline mode and away you go.The single-player mode allows for a multi-city single-player experience.

You can do this using the new single-player mode, included in update 10.

Additionally servers are being patched and fixed, which are reported as they are.

We’ll update this story with more information as we have it.

NA East 1 is still being worked on.” Update: PMPST: “We successfully issue the patch to NA East 2 and it is now officially re-opended.

NA East 1 is still being worked on.” Update: PM PST: “We have successfully issued the patch to the Oceanic 1 server and it is now officially re-opened.” Update: PM PST: “Our server teams are working around the clock and they’ve added four brand new servers to accommodate player demand.

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