Sim city regions not updating

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The Sim City Twitter has been discussing the server issues, and states “We are working on the servers 24/7 – expect performance fluctuations. Thank you for your patience.” Here’s a list of server updates from EA as they happen: Update PM PST: “We have added the new server EU East 3” Update PM PST: “We have added two new servers: EU West 3 and EU West 4.” Update PM PST: “In efforts to improve our server issues, we are currently restarting the EU East 2 and Oceanic 1 servers.

While we implement this restart, access to these servers will be unavailable.” Update AM PST: “We are aggressively undergoing maintenance on the servers and adding capacity to meet demand. Our fans are important to us, and we thank you for your continued patience.” 6 March 2013 Update: PM PST: “All servers are live but are currently experiencing heavy traffic. In the meantime, we recommend joining servers listed as ‘Available’.” Update: PM PST: “We successfully issued the patches for NA East 1, EU West 1, and EU West 2 and they are all now officially re-opened.” Update PM PST: “We are applying patches to EU West 1 and EU West 2.

We will let you know when NA East 1 and NA East 2 are back up.

In the meantime you can chose any other available server to play on.” Updated 7 March 2013 AM PST: A Sim City representative has revealed that Maxis is implementing a server hotfix that aims to add some unspecified improvements.

You can read more about this bug on the Sim City messageboards.

April 22, 2014: Mark Johnson over on the Sim City messageboards has been testing out the Space Port great work and finding out which maps it can be built on, and which it doesn't. (Source) Note: I haven't tried to build this GW since I started hearing reports of the bug.

Single-player regions are saved locally, not on the server.

We thank you for your patience while we do this update. In the meantime you can chose any other available server to play on.Great Work Syncing Bug: Several updates ago there were many issues with Great Works not syncing properly.This issue has been resolved, so I deleted that information from this page.This is available to all current and future players on PC and Mac.You will, of course, need an internet connection to download the update.

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