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After the engagement the girl repeatedly told my uncle to think about moving with her family by leaving my grandmother and all back home.

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He called up all her friends and the people whom she would frequently meet.

The girl and her family tried to even use this death as a proof of the torture that my family had inflicted on her by claiming that her mother suffered that heart attack on account of the tension and the so called threat she perceived to her life despite the fact that she was a heart patient even before that girl had met my uncle.

This eventually lead to my family paying even more despite having committed no mistake or rather no crime.

My grandfather and my grandmother literally pleaded with folded hand and tried to reason it out with the girl and her family as to what had they done to deserve such a thing.

After rotting for two months in the jail, my uncle was finally granted bail along with the rest of my family for a surety of 1.3 lakhs totally.

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