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So basically the opposite of using the conventional textbooks that have guided my first couple of years of studying Chinese.There are so many Chinese teaching websites out there, but 99% of them are pure junk, or actually harmful for learning Chinese.I really hope good content like yours will pop out and last.We teach Chinese because we love it, and developed Popup Chinese out of frustration at the infantilizing and simply unhelpful morass of Chinese learning materials available online.Our goal is helping people achieve real fluency in Chinese, so if you are learning Chinese, create a free account for instant access to our entire archive of Chinese podcasts, along with everything else you need to learn mandarin online: mobile apps, HSK test materials, Chinese study tools and much more. Unlike most Chinese teaching resources, which demonstrate little understanding of what is challenging or interesting to non-native speakers, Popup Chinese is designed from scratch by native English speakers with native-level fluency in Chinese and strong interests in art, literature and popular culture.

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