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They’ve both blown amazing opportunities, and they both blame their failures on somebody else.

Manziel, the artist once known as Johnny Football, says it’s the Browns’ fault that he didn’t make it with them.

He was a lot better then - not like today, when he’s on TV talking to a mass audience. He was talking to fellow football coaches, and lemme tell you - there was no one better. He could bring down the house with his self-disparaging humor. And in his homespun way, he could impart some real wisdom.

One nugget that I’ve remembered through the years was, “you get what you want in life by giving other people what they want.” Think about that - it’s really simple but it’s really deep. They have an idea of the value of a thing, based on what they might get for it in trade.

At roughly the same time, the elementary school principal asked me if I would help judge their annual writing competition.

Somehow, she mentioned that spelling, punctuation and grammar were not to be considered in the judging, because they “didn’t stress that.” Telling her that from my point of view, that was the only thing they should be stressing, I declined. The feel-good teaching continues to this day: “Just get them to put it down on paper.

See, despite what he might have told them otherwise, they should have known, for God’s sake, that he wasn’t going to apply himself!

That he wasn’t going to work at being a professional quarterback!

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I was just reading an article about the first steamboat in the Pacific Northwest.

It was still British territory then, and Fort Vancouver was a trading post owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

A replica of the original fort still stands, and it’s quite impressive.

They should have known that he wasn’t going to be spending his time in the offices looking at film when he could be out partying. *********** The city of Vancouver, Washington, which adjoins my town, Camas, was actually named before its much bigger and better-known counterpart in British Columbia.

The USA version was originally Fort Vancouver, the first European settlement in the Pacific Northwest.

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