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The physical effects are marked by increased alertness, heart rate, blood pressure, appetite suppression, bruxism (jaw clenching), and nystagmus (eye wiggles).

Pure MDMA, which is quite rare these days, tends to be more of a poignant soul searching type experience where you pretty much become a saint for 6 hours (which is why a Catholic priest who tried it back in the day gave it the nickname “ecstasy”) but it also is less stimulating and doesn’t provide as much energy for dancing as might be usually expected for some.4-FA is still lovey dovey but in a more fun, hedonistic, and hyped up way, similar to how most adulerated M is like these days.It has shown up in certain circles in North America, but with more widespread adoption in Europe, especially the Netherlands. 4-FA is a new psychoactive substance, and there is still much unknown about its long term effects, and lot of the knowledge of its effects so far is anecdotal.Therefore, one must be aware that they are a guinea pig when taking this substance.MDMA is well known for having a fast onset where one goes from feeling nothing to rolling balls between the 40 minute mark to the 60 minute mark, which is not the case with the more gradual come up of 4-FA.It peaks at about 2 hours after dosing, with effects staying close to peak between 3-6 hours, and about a 4-8 hour offset, with after effects of feeling drained and fuzzy that persist for another few hours.

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