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The best way to enjoy the postcard scenery is by boat, stopping along the way to explore the old-world splendor and natural treasures. Secluded lagoons offer private paradise, while Turkish, Slavic, and Hungarian flavors infuse fresh catches from the sea.Shrouded in tales of arctic winters and mystic sagas, Iceland’s attributes are finally coming to light.And when you consider all that it has to offer, you can easily see why. For over 30 years, Gold Star Travel has been delivering dream destinations to the world’s most discerning travelers. Take a dance lesson in San Telmo and stroll through storybook streets of Spanish colonial architecture. But every journey to Argentina begins in its fiery heart, Buenos Aires—a city of brazen gauchos, sensual tango, and world-class cuisine.

In the South: South of Cusco, the Andes are at their widest, rising above the horizon on a high desert plain known in Spanish as the Altiplano, the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside Tibet.

Myth: Iceland is only for nature enthusiasts and the adventurous.

It is true that those seeking gorgeous landscapes and outdoor adventure will never run out of things to do.

There are few places on the planet that have captivated the imagination of travelers more than Machu Picchu.

Fun fact: While the region has been known as Dalmatia since Imperial Roman times, the Dalmatian dog breed’s origins have officially been recognized as Croatian with illustrations dating back to the 17th century.

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