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As there are literally thousands of accreditation agencies it would be impossible to join them all.

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Accreditation is voluntary but there will always be those whose understandings of the law are imperfect and will see a lack of a certain kind of accreditation as grounds to opine negatively about an institution or degree, no matter how legal the degree or its accreditation is.If you feel that the degree you seek must come from a location near you or that you cannot explain your degree thru distance programs (which by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required) then you should not apply. By proceeding you are making a declaration that you have read and agree to be bound by the Terms of Service and that that the person named on the diploma has sufficient Life/Work Experience or Prior Study to justify the award. All of the institutions we represent are legally formed and operating private academic, rather than mainstream public, institutions.We then make an application to the College or University on your behalf in a way we know will be accepted. It must be understood however that it is impossible for any institution to guarantee a lack of negativity. They provide non-traditional, distance programs and correspondence degree courses, using outsourced campus facilities when required, for instance, Summer Schools and Short Residential Courses.Neither we nor the institutions can prevent this kind of ill informed prejudice.However, the law is on the side of the legally granted degree, regardless of its accreditation.

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