Rush limbaugh dating kathryn rogers

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Rush Limbaugh has been earning a lucrative amount of money with his radio career and in 2017, Forbes has ranked him the 11th highest earning celebrity in the world, with the annual earnings of million.

And as of 2017-18, he has an estimated net worth of 0 million.

Rush Limbaugh may be dating 31-year old blonde Kathryn Rogers when he is in Florida, but last night in New York he let loose and had a 64-year old redhead on the brain: Joy Behar. Watch: Both Joy Behar and Regis Philbin couldn't help but talk about the way Rush greeted Joy last night at a film screening.

On their respective shows this morning, both Regis Philbin and Joy Behar discussed the way Rush (whose escort for the evening was 82-year old Cindy Adams) greeted Joy at last night's screening of Bob Balaban's "Bernard and Doris." Joy: "All of a sudden this humongous person comes up to me, from the left, a famous person -- big guy — and snuggles and nestles my neck. And gives me the big kiss....squeezed me to death also." Regis had a different spin: "Joy Behar's face was flushed.

She described the experience as "extremely scary." A cardiologist who treated Limbaugh made the same point: "Time is very, very important, and the sooner you can get to the medical care for your heart, the sooner we know what the problems are and the sooner we can treat it." Rogers, a 33-year-old Florida party planner, has been dating the 59-year-old Limbaugh since 2007.

Edit Marconi Radio Award is one of the prestigious awards.

"Due to Rush's [hearing loss], we don't often speak over the phone, more via e-mail and text," Rogers said in an email.

"When I saw that he was calling, I thought that's weird he never calls. Rush said 'Kate, I think I'm having a heart attack! I hung up, pushed back the nail table and yelled to my mom: 'Rush is having a heart attack! '" She explained that while Limbaugh did not have a heart attack, doctors told her that the quick arrival of paramedics played a major role.

Edit On 24th of September 1977, Rush got married to Roxy Maxine Mc Neely. They were happily married however, with the start of 1980 Roxy filed for divorce citing incompatibility.

Edit He was a talented radio personality but not talented on air.

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