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In the internal rooms as with the private suites one can enjoy some of the best services, the impeccable professionality of the staff and of all the warmth of typical Roman hospitality.With just a brief walk one can easily reach the Spanish Steps and the Terrazza del Pincio, which offers a breathtaking view over Piazza del Popolo and the city skyline.All just a few steps away from Hotel Trevi, in Rome’s city-centre, where all roads converge.Sleep comfortably under a typical wood-beamed ceiling; have breakfast surrounded by a panoramic view of the roofs and alleys of the Eternal City; easily reach every location of artistic and cultural interest, the streets for shopping and high fashion...Rome, more than any other city, bears witness both to the past splendour of the pagan world and to the triumph of Christianity.

The water of the fountain and this celebrated custom will surely help in immersing you on the spot in the dream-like atmosphere of your sojourn.

In the vast extent of country outside of Rome, along the main highways, there are chapels for the accommodation of the few settled inhabitants, and the labourers and shepherds who from October to July are engaged in the work of the open country.

In former times most of these chapels had priests of their own, who also kept schools ; nowadays, through the exertions of the Society for the Religious Aid of the Agro Romano (i.e.

the country districts around Rome), priests are taken thither from Rome every Sunday to say Mass, catechize, and preach on the Gospel. Maria in Monserrato; to all which may be added the churches of the Oriental rites ). Silvestro in Capite (Pallottini) should be mentioned.

The houses of male religious number about 160; of female religious, 205, for the most part devoted to teaching, ministering to the sick in public and private hospitals, managing various houses of retreat etc. Moreover, in the churches and chapels of many religious houses, particularly the generalates, as well as in the various national colleges, it is possible for foreigners to fulfil their religious obligations. In these churches, too, there are, regularly, sermons in English on feast-day afternoons, during Lent and Advent, and on other occasions.

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