Regina king dating outside of your race

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Waging war against whites is at the core of the Afrikan warrior’s spirit.

It’s the flame that drives our willingness to fight in the face of certain defeat and/or death.

But there is another reality that is more difficult for the committed Black progressive community to accept.

The one thing we dread more than brutal warfare with the white race is the spilling of Black blood. We understand that our people are victims of centuries of abuse and torture, and we want to help them.

They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right.

White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that.

She don’t give me no problems, she do whatever I say and y’all gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.”My girl is Black and White.

he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him.

If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.

Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too.

A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood.

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