Red flags for dating a loser

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Not only does this speak a lot to the character of the loser, but this could lead to disagreements over finances later on. The discerning deadbeat is probably contacting you plenty—maybe even too much, since he has so much free time on his hands! Do his weekend activities include anything other than hanging out with you and partying?

But if he’s contacting you via everything BUT directly calling you on the phone, beware! If you’re struggling to answer any of those questions, think twice about this guy. If finding a passion project isn’t a priority of his, it’s likely that sentiment stretches to other aspects of his life.

But as soon as he senses he has you, he’ll lure you back to where he’s more comfortable: the couch.

Using a facade of boyfriend-y nuances such as cooking you dinner (with groceries you brought over) or picking out a movie he knows you’ll like, the loser in question may successfully avoid having his true identity revealed for quite some time.

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But unfortunately for us women, not all of them live up to that stereotypical, ‘loser’ image of an unkempt, jobless bum playing video games on his mom’s couch.

Should you consider a person who doesn’t have clear financial goals as a lifelong partner?

Balancing the family budget requires teamwork and setting common goals.

Love & Crime: Why Jodi Arias Is Lying About Wanting To Die 9. While there may be good reasons for this arrangement, it does bring up a cause for concern. Is he there because it’s easier to live there than go out and earn a real income?

Is she there while she’s saving money to buy her own house?

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