Reasons for dating biological immunization preparations

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The drugs shall be returned to the wholesaler or manufacturer for disposal or disposed of by the pharmacy according to Federal or State statutes or regulations. (iii) A drug which varies from the strength and purity indicated on the label of the commercial container. (2) Drugs which have been removed from active stock in accordance with this subsection may not be sold or given away.This is a list of topics that have, at one point or another in their history, been characterized as pseudoscience by academics or researchers.Discussion about these topics is done on their main pages. (2) Prescription files for keeping prescriptions of nonproprietary drugs in accordance with the act and, for controlled substance prescriptions, State and Federal laws and regulations. The refrigerator shall be kept in the prescription area. (4) The pharmacist manager shall be responsible for keeping proper records of controlled substances which have been disposed of.

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These records must include the name of the substance, the number of units or the volume of the substance or the number of commercial containers and the date and manner of disposal.

(6) An adequate reference library which meets the following standards: (i) Enables a pharmacy to prepare and dispense prescriptions properly, consistent with its scope of practice.

(5) Additional equipment and supplies necessary to enable the pharmacy to properly prepare and dispense prescriptions consistent with its scope of practice.

(vi) Lists the therapeutic usage and dosages of medications dispensed by the pharmacy.

(v) Lists the therapeutic equivalents for medications.

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