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Uniformitarianism is a presupposition applied to geology and the rock record, and also to biology, astronomy, physical chemistry, and many other scientific fields.Now that we understand those starting points, we can take a closer look at the geologic record.The geologic column is a graphic representation of the layers of rock that make up the earth’s crust.By compiling data from local areas, scientists have constructed a composite picture of the earth.Those who start with a biblical view see the layers as evidence supporting the Creation Week and the global Flood described in Genesis (Genesis 1–2 and 6–9 respectively).Those who reject the clear teaching of the Bible interpret the rock record as a 4.5 billion year history of the earth.There is no place on earth where we can find every rock layer in a continuous sequence.

There is no absolute way to measure rates at which past events happened.From the biblical creationist perspective, there are several events that must be considered when interpreting the evidence of the earth’s history recorded in the rocks.Just as evolutionists assume that the earth began as a random, molten mass, biblical creationists assume that the earth began with supernatural acts of God—forming the original rocks and layers.They then interpret the evidence in light of these truths revealed in the eyewitness testimony of the Bible.The events of Creation Week () and the Genesis Flood (Genesis 6–9) are the major shapers of the geologic record from a biblical perspective.

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