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Aggressive "anti-predator" hunting almost eliminated cougars from east of the Rocky Mountains.A population persisted in southern Florida, and in recent years cougars are thought to be spreading back into parts of eastern North America where they were thought to be extirpated.Both sexes are an even tawny brown colour with white around the muzzle. The young, called kittens, are lighter in colour with distinct dark spots. ] The official classification of the cougar is: Cougars have a wide array of other common names including: mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount, painter and many others; so many that trying to provide explanations for its common names would take several pages!The Wikipedia page on cougars (link below) has a pretty good explanation of a few of these.Lynx roam the province's boreal forest regions to the north and east while bobcats are found in the southern parts of the province primarily along forested waterways.[Click for images: Photos - Manitoba's other wild cats.

Their original range seems to have been closely tied with the distributions of elk and deer in North America.It seems that just about any kind of environment (outside of tundra) can hold habitat for cougars.They can live in deserts and swamps, mountains and prairies.If cougars do re-establish a resident breeding population in Manitoba, their range would likely coincide with that of white-tailed deer, the dominant ungulate species in the agricultural region of the province and in the southern borders of the boreal forest.Bill Watkins, Manitoba Conservation, provided some more information to ponder.

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