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As my parents are originally from HK, I have therefore been to HK many times prior to moving here.

I enjoy travelling and going to new destinations, last year included Croatia, Mexico and Thailand.

With my inspiring and effective teaching skills and approaches, I have successfully helped students pass their interviews to St. With a Bachelor's degree in English Education and a TESOL Certificate, I am excellent in teaching students, from all levels, phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and public speaking. I am sure I can assist all my students to excel themselves in their English learning.

He motivates students so that their English learning becomes an enjoyable part of lives.Objects included in teaching could be flashcards, drawings, plastic animals, hand-made as well as generic puzzles, 3D puzzles, storybooks, etc.Rainbow English Learning Center Duties: teaching Playgroup English, Phonics, Grammar, Tailor-made courses, and Adult English.I have also completed the English A-level course as well as attended a number of educational courses.I have lectured first year university students (English literature) and have two and a half years of experience teaching English at secondary schools in South Africa (ages 14-18).

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