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Kings, emperors and other types of monarchs in many countries including China and Japan, were considered divine.

Of the institutions that ruled states, that of kingship stood at the forefront until the American Revolution put an end to the "divine right of kings".

Generally, this includes anything affecting one's daily life, such as the way an office or household is managed, or how one person or group exercises influence over another.

According to Aristotle, states are classified into monarchies, aristocracies, timocracies, democracies, oligarchies, and tyrannies.

Due to changes across the history of politics, this classification has been abandoned.

The 20th century witnessed the outcome of two world wars and not only the rise and fall of the Third Reich but also the rise and fall of communism.

The development of the atomic bomb gave the United States a more rapid end to its conflict in Japan in World War II.

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