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Triphylia stretches south from the Alpheus to the river Neda.Nowadays Elis is a small village of 150 citizens, located 14 km NE of Amaliada, built over the ruins of the ancient town.See more » After watching the Police academy movies over the years (those were not masterpieces, either, on the contrary), I was rather curious if this series was worth watching and if the jokes were good or at least somewhat better then those on the big screen. I've seen parts of two or three episodes of this series and all I can say is: painful, gruesome, as bad as it can be!If you don't expect a comedy, the script is actually acceptable.I think even a kindergarten kid would have to give his best effort to smile once.Nikópolis, "City of Victory") or Actia Nicopolis was the capital city of the Roman province of Epirus Vetus.

Coele Elis, the largest and most northern of the three, was watered by the river Peneus and its tributary the Ladon.On a hill north of Nicopolis where his own tent had been pitched, and north of the present village of Smyrtoula, Octavian also built a monument and sanctuary to Apollo, considered his patron god, and trophies to two other gods, Neptune and Mars for their contribution to its victory.In further celebration of his victory he instituted the quadrennial Actian games in honour of Apollo Actius.Walis, ethnonym: Ϝαλειοι) is an ancient district that corresponds to the modern Elis regional unit.Elis is in southern Greece on the Peloponnesos peninsula, bounded on the north by Achaea, east by Arcadia, south by Messenia, and west by the Ionian Sea.

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